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Why choose us

The organization specialized the division has put into practice one of a kind programming for cryptocurrency trading program mode. This helps us to track the development of value outlines, select ideal passages for Forex benefits and expand gainfulness. On the premise of this product, we have made a venture stage to get interests in resource administration and additionally for association with organization customers who look for the most proficient utilization of their cash and who need to get the best money related results.

Trading knowledge and basic examination are the bases of our trade, we likewise attempt to tolerate carefully our own particular standards of danger administration and direction the work of our merchant's group..

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Our services

We have prepared one stable longtime investment plan for everyone. The plan return daily on investment to you. Bitradfinance provides comprehensive service to our investors. We have the best solutions and technical infrastructure.

Market Research

We are team of professional traders in Forex & Crypto Exchange and Coins trading and Crypto Mining who know how to grab the profit end of the day.

Growth Strategy

You start making profits after you make a deposit. System will add a daily profit to your account balance.


You can manage your investments from anywhere either from home or work place, at any time..

The Idea

We offer the best and safe cryptocurrency investment platform online.

Our Strategy

Uses a complex authorial trading strategy. The secret to the success of our trading strategy – to follow the market maker ..

Investment Plan

All transactions are transmitted through the encrypted connection on our CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING PLATFORM .

Daily Deposits and Withdrawals

Username: Amount: Currency: Date:
uche $1000.00 2020-07-01
Amala $500.00 2020-07-01
mark $250.00 2020-07-01
paulson $500.00 2020-07-01
anika $300.00 2020-07-01
ezikiel $350.00 2020-07-01
silas $1000.00 2020-07-01
esther $300.00 2020-07-01
ahmed $600.00 2020-07-01
zhan $700.00 2020-07-01
oluwafemi $800.00 2020-07-01
michael $400.00 2020-07-01
philips $600.00 2020-07-01
emeka $100.00 2020-07-01
fatima $800.00 2020-07-01
ellis $1100.00 2020-07-01
job $400.00 2020-07-01
alice $100.00 2020-07-01
ahmed $1000.00 2020-07-01
james $2000.00 2020-07-01



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Total Accounts

$ 23,874

Total Deposited

$ 18,735

Total Withdrawl

200% 5 Business Days

  • Min $250 - Max $999
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